Dual Enrollment

"College Credit Now" for High School Students

High school students have the opportunity to earn technical college course credit through a variety of options.

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Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment – HOPE Program offers high school students the opportunity to earn both college credit and high school credit toward graduation. Examples include Cosmetology, Welding, etc.

Students may take occupational courses within a diploma program or technical certificate of credit (TCC). Core academic courses may not be taken under Dual Enrollment – HOPE. When a course has been successfully completed, students earn both college and high school credit. Course offerings vary by county.

To cover the cost of the Dual Enrollment, students may qualify for the HOPE grant, which is based on Georgia residency. HOPE Grant covers partial tuition; CGTC covers the portion of tuition that is not covered by HOPE, fees and books. Courses taken in high school under HOPE Grant do NOT count against Hope cap hours. Students may apply for Hope Grant at www.gacollege411.org.


Get a jump start on your college academic courses while still enrolled in high school. The Accel program provides high school students with the opportunity to earn both college degree-level credit and high school credit for academic courses. Examples include English 1101, Math 1111, etc.

A complete list of eligible courses is available on the Georgia Student Finance Commission website (www.gsfc.org). When a course has been successfully completed, students earn both college degree-level credit and high school units.

Eligible students are awarded the ACCEL award which pays full tuition. CGTC waives mandatory fees for high school students so that students/parents are responsible for course textbooks only. Beginning Fall 2011, hours taken under the ACCELl program do NOT count against the student's Hope cap hours. One college semester course can satisfy the full unit of high school credit. For example, Math 1111 College Algebra is a 3 credit hour course and satisfies the year's unit of Math at the high school (Math IV, etc).

*There is now an agreement between University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia that DEGREE level classes can transfer between the two systems. There are a total of 27 courses on the list. Transferability relates to DEGREE level classes only (ACCEL).

Many degree level courses taken at Central Georgia Technical College may transfer to university system institutions provided the student has the appropriate combined SAT math & reading scores & appropriate G.P.A. required by the accepting school. Please contact the receiving institution for a complete list of enrollment details and requirements.

Joint Enrollment

Can't fit Dual Enrollment into your high school schedule but still want to get a head start? Consider Joint Enrollment. You can take courses at CGTC after your regular school hours.

Students receive college credit only for Joint Enrollment.

Students can qualify for the HOPE grant, which is based on GA residency, and covers partial tuition. CGTC waives partial tuition and mandatory fees. Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks.

Articulated Course Credit

High School Seniors... did you know that you can receive CGTC course credit for classes that you took while in high school? A student must take the appropriate aligned high school course and meet all the eligibility requirements for articulated course credit. The TAP (Technical Advanced Placement) form with acceptable articulated/aligned programs is available in your counselor's office.

Private School Students

If a student attends an accredited private school, they are eligible for Joint Enrollment under the regular college admissions requirements. The private school's accrediting agency must be one approved by the Technical College System of Georgia.

A private school student could enroll as a Dual Enrollment student, if the private school agrees to offer high school credit for the CGTC course that the student completes.

Private school students could be eligible for articulated course credit if a signed articulated course agreement with CGTC is in place for the high school course and the student meets all the requirements for articulated course credit.

Home School Students

Home schooled students are eligible for ACCEL, Joint Enrollment or Dual Enrollment if they meet the College's admission requirements. For students not enrolled in a home study program that is accredited by an agency specified in the approved list, the parent must furnish proof of compliance with O.C.G.A. 20-2-690.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual student, we encourage home schooled students and parents to contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information.


All Georgia technical colleges use the ASSET and/or COMPASS placement exams as an admissions instrument for placement and advising of new students. The ASSET consists of three 25-minute tests: Writing, Reading, and Numerical Skills, and is offered at no charge in most public high schools. For selected diploma programs, and all degree programs, a fourth test, Elementary Algebra, is required.

The COMPASS test is an un-timed college placement test that is administered at CGTC. The ASSET and COMPASS exams are composed of multiple-choice items. ASSET and COMPASS exam preparation resources are available or www.gacollege411.org and click the "College Planning" tab.

Appropriate SAT and ACT scores are also acceptable for admission to Central Georgia Technical College.


There is a one-time $20 application fee to enroll at Central Georgia Technical College, as well as a $55 per term technology fee. The application and technology fees are waived for students in high school.

Financial Aid

You may be eligible to receive Hope Grant or Accel Award while still in high school. Students must apply for either HOPE or Accel at www.gacollege411.org. Below are the requirements:

HOPE Grant Requirements:

HOPE Grant hours for dual enrollment courses no longer count against the HOPE grant limit or the combined HOPE cap limit.

Accel Award Requirements:


A consolidated area for orientation for future and current students including enrollment, registration, academic, and technology resources.

For More Information

For more information, talk to your high school counselor or:

If you are a high school student in Crawford, Dooly, Houston, Peach, or Pulaski counties contact Kimberly Gunn at 478-218-3236.

For Bibb, Jones, and Twiggs counties contact LaToya Lawson at 478-757-3657.

For Baldwin, Monroe, and Putnam counties contact Rhonda Koplin at 478-445-2120.

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