Gainful Employment

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 was designed with the intent to help students and families make better informed decisions about higher education. Central Georgia Technical College is required by this federal law to provide information about our programs offered at our institution to the College community.

Program Code Program Description
AC12 Accounting
ACT2 Air Conditioning Technology
AST2 Aircraft Structural Technology
ACR2 Auto Collision Repair
AF12 Automotive Fundamentals
AT14 Automotive Technology
AM34 Aviation Maintenance Technology
BA12 Barbering
FS31 Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder
BA22 Business Administrative Technology
MD12 Business Management
CA12 Cabinetmaking
CA61 CompTIA A+ Certified Preparation
CA71 CompTIA A+ Certified Technician Preparation
CS14 Computer Support Specialist
CO12 Cosmetology
CJT2 Criminal Justice Technology
DEM2 Design and Media Production Technology
DT12 Drafting Technology
ECC2 Early Childhood Care/Education
ES12 Electrical Systems Technology
EF12 Electronics Fundamentals
ET14 Electronics Technology
EM12 Emergency Management
EMJ1 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
GM31 Gas Metal Arc Welder
HR01 Hemodialysis Reuse/Reprocessing Technician
HT12 Hemodialysis Technologist
HM12 Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism Management
IST4 Industrial Systems Technology
DM12 Logistics Management
MTT2 Machine Tool Technology
MM12 Marketing Management
MA22 Medical Assisting
MB21 Medical Billing Clerk
MF41 Microsoft Office Application Specialist
MW11 Microsoft Word Application Specialist
NS14 Networking Specialist
CN21 Nurse Aide
PS12 Paralegal Studies
PT12 Paramedicine
PT22 Pharmacy Technology
PT21 Phlebotomy Technician
PT42 Polysomnography Technician
PN12 Practical Nursing
RT23 Radiologic Technology
RW61 Residential Wiring Technician
ST11 Shampoo Technician
ST12 Surgical Technology
IS64 Web Site Design
WAJ2 Welding and Joining Technology

updated 2/5/2015