Early Intervention


The Early Intervention Program provides assistance to students experiencing difficulties that may hinder their performance at CGTC. The program is designed to aid in the early detection of students who are performing poorly in class, excessively absent from class or experiencing other problems that affect academic performance.

These symptoms may result from a variety of problems such as child care situations, transportation issues, financial problems, etc. There are a number of support services available that may assist students in overcoming such barriers that could prevent them from making the most of their education.

Available services are Career Services, Tutorial Services, Workforce Investment Act, Veteran’s Benefits, Federal Work Study Program, Financial Aid, Special Need Services, Student Activities, Library Services, and Agency Referral Services. As a mediator between the instructor and the referred students, the Early Alert staff will make referrals to resources appropriate for their situation.



A consolidated area for orientation for future and current students including enrollment, registration, academic, and technology resources.

Student Navigator

Kennethia Westbrook
Student Navigator
(478) 218-3314