Things that May Affect Your Aid

Unusual Enrollment History

The Department of Education is making efforts to prevent fraud and abuse in the Federal Pell Grant Program by identifying students with unusual enrollment histories (UEH). The UEH is a specific enrollment pattern in which students attend an institution long enough to receive Title IV credit balance funds, leave without completing the enrollment period, enrolls at another institution, and repeats the pattern of enrollment just long enough to collect another Title IV balance without having earned any academic credit. There may be cases where students have a legitimate reason for enrollment at multiple institutions. However, such an enrollment history requires a review to determine whether there are valid reasons for the UEH.

The Department will assign a UEH flag of 'N', '2', or '3' to the student's Student Aid Report (SAR).

Beginning with the 2015-2016 year, the Department of Education expanded the selection criteria to applicants that had prior receipt of, in addition to the Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loans and increased prior awards years to four instead of three.

PDF16-17 UEH Form

PDF17-18 UEH Form

If the institution approves the student's continued eligibility, the Financial Aid administrator may choose to require the student to establish an academic plan similar to the type of plan used to resolve Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals.

If a student did not earn academic credit at one or more of the relevant institutions and does not provide, to the Financial Aid administrator's satisfaction, an acceptable explanation and documentation for each of those failures, the institution must deny the student any further Title IV assistance. The authority for an institution to deny Title IV, HEA program assistance under UEH circumstances is section 484(a)(4)(A) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, which requires the student to sign a Statement of Educational Purpose. By signing the Statement of Educational Purpose as part of the student's submission of the FAFSA, the student certified that he or she would use Title IV, HEA program assistance received only to meet educational costs. The student can regain Title IV eligibility by completing one semester of successful academic performance as a cash paying student or by filing an appeal and appeal is approved.