Student Access Loan

The Georgia Student Finance Authority (GSFA) offers the Student Access Loan Program (SAL) for eligible students attending an eligible postsecondary institution in Georgia.  The SAL is a 1% fixed rate loan, designed to assist students who have a gap in meeting their educational needs. The loan is also designed to provide a loan discharge option to technical college students who graduate with a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA in the program of study for which the loan was received.

Student Eligibility

In order to receive the Student Access Loans, students must:

Students are randomly selected by Georgia Student Finance Commission.
The amount of the SAL loan award varies per student and is calculated based on other aid the student receives and the cost of attendance for the terms in which the SAL loan is requested.
Maximum loan limit is $3,000.00 annually
Maximum loan amount per semester $1,500.00
Minimum loan amount  $300.00
Origination fee – Non-refundable fee of 5% of the loan amount, but not more than $50.00, is deducted from the first disbursement of the loan.

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