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PELL Grant Experiment

The United States Department of Education has selected Central Georgia Technical College to participate in a very exciting and beneficial PELL Grant Experiments.

The purpose of the experiments is to determine the impact of two different proposed expansions to the PELL Grant eligibility criteria for income-eligible students enrolling in occupational training and to help inform policy officials on the effects of expanding PELL Grant access on educational attainment, student debt, employment, and earnings.

Experiment 2:

Temporarily extends eligibility for PELL Grants to students who enroll in certain short-term vocational or career training programs (that are otherwise not Title IV PELL eligible programs).

To be considered, you must:

Selection Process

Eligible newly admitted students in the applicable program who complete the 15-16 FAFSA form (with verification when required) and submit the PELL Grant Experiment Consent Form by December 4, 2015 will be forwarded to the Department of Education contractor for selection. In both experiments, the selection for participating will be done by the U.S. Department of Education in a lottery method. While not every applicant will be chosen, the experiment creates an opportunity for students who do not normally qualify to receive the PELL Grant.