Types of Aid

Federal Work Study

What is Federal Work Study?
Work study is a federal program designed to provide employment opportunities to eligible students. These are opportunities within various departments around the college.

Federal Work Study Program Eligibility:

How do I apply?
Step 1: Complete the Federal Work Study application obtained in Career Services.
Step 2: Career Services will confirm financial aid eligibility through the Financial Aid Office
Step 3: Complete an interview with a hiring supervisor.
If hired...
Step 4: Undergo a Human Resources background check.
Step 5: Complete a Human Resources new hire packet.
Step 6: Complete the Confirmation Agreement Schedule and Responsibilities form with the hiring supervisor.

The institution determines the number of hours a student is allowed to work based on the student’s financial need and on how the combination of work and study hours will affect the student’s academic progress.

Federal Work Study earned by the student is considered a part of the student’s award package and funds earned through the FWS program in addition to other aid that the student is eligible to receive cannot exceed the student’s cost of attendance budget.

To find out about currently available Federal Work Study positions, contact Career Services.