Student Loans


Federal Direct Loan

The Federal Loan Program allows students to borrow money at a low interest rate for educational expenses. While loans can be a good investment in a student's future, taking out a federal loan is a serious obligation. The full amount borrowed must be paid back with interest. There are two types of loans:

Subsidized – need based loan, which means the amount you may be eligible to receive is based on your financial need. The federal government pays the interest that accrues on a loan:

Unsubsidized – non-need based loan, which means the amount you may be eligible to receive is not based on your financial need. If you receive an unsubsidized Direct Loan, you will be responsible for all interest that accrues on the loan from the date of disbursement forward.


Loan Eligibility Requirements


Loan Procedures

Students that have not previously had a student loan must complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory note online at You will need your FSA user ID and password to access this site.

The student should allow two to three weeks for the loan to be processed. Students must complete loan entrance counseling and Master Promissory Note requirements by the scheduled deadline in order for their loan to be processed. Loan disbursement schedules can be found under Important Dates of the Financial Aid section of the website. Loans will not be processed after the published loan deadline date for each term unless in rare cases in which extenuating circumstances may have occurred that prevented the student from completing the requirements. Per Federal regulations, loans cannot be processed after the last day of each term. Please note: Disbursement means when the loan is posted to the student's account. Refunds will be processed by the Cashier within 14 days after the loan has been posted to the student's account.

Students must check BannerWeb for their loan award and must accept/decline loan awards through BannerWeb, your 24 hour source for online College information. Funds will not be disbursed to a student's account without being accepted.

To View and Accept Your Financial Aid Award

Step 1: Access your BannerWeb account at
Step 2: Select BannerWeb
Step 3: Enter your Username (ID # at upper right) and Password (first time users please refer to Central Georgia Technical College Admission Letter for your Login Instructions.
Step 4: Select the Student Services tab at the top left of the page
Step 5: Select Financial Aid
Step 6: Select My Award Information
Step 7: Click Award by Aid Year
Step 8: Select Aid Year from drop down box; example (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015) and submit
Step 9: Carefully read information provided under each tab. Accept "Terms and Conditions" then select "Accept Award Offer" tab to accept or decline award offered.



Loan Procedures When a Student Stops Attending - Withdrawal/Graduates

Schools are required to adopt exit interview practices at the end of a student's period of enrollment in the event the student graduates or drops below half-time. At CGTC, these students will receive an Exit Interview Packet which contains important information and instructions on Exit Counseling in the event the student goes into repayment after graduation or if they withdraw.

Upon withdrawal for Graduation – The Financial Aid Office will receive a report from the Registrar's office of students who have applied for graduation. The Financial Aid Office will contact these students to notify them of the Exit Interview Counseling requirement. The Exit Counseling requirement is listed as part of the graduation application process. Borrowers who do not complete the required Exit Counseling by the established deadline will be prevented from receiving their diploma or transcript until the Exit Counseling requirement is satisfied. These students will receive an Exit Interview Packet which will direct them to complete the exit counseling requirement online.

Withdrawal – Students who withdraw below half-time enrollment will receive an Exit Counseling Packet by postal mail.

The Financial Aid Office will check exit counseling reports daily and will send missing document letters periodically to students that have not completed the exit counseling requirement.