Georgia Requirement

Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States

All persons applying to Central Georgia Technical College must provide verification of lawful presence in the United States. Additionally, applicants requesting the in-state tuition rate, which is less than the out-of-state and international tuition rates, must provide proof of Georgia residency. All applicants must submit one of these types of documentation to verify lawful presence in the United States and request the in-state tuition rate, if applicable*:

*Applicants (or parent/guardian, if the applicant is a dependent) that have lived in Georgia for 12 consecutive months or more may request the in-state tuition rate when completing their admissions application. Applicants must be lawfully present in the United States and meet the in-state tuition requirements as outlined in TCSG Board Policy and Procedure 6.2.2p. to be eligible for the in-state tuition rate. Applicants that do not submit an acceptable form of documentation to verify lawful presence in the United States will not be eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of how long they have lived in Georgia. Applicants and students that are initially classified as out-of-state can request to have their residency changed to in-state once verification requirements have been met.


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