Lab Information and Rules

Student computer labs are located:

Computer Lab availability is subject to change based upon additions to the college course offering schedule. Computers are also available in the CGTC libraries. All computer users must follow the college’s Acceptable Computer and Internet Use policy as stated in the CGTC catalog.

Please Observe the following Rules

 Computer Labs are to be used only by students enrolled at CGTC.  Students must show ID to CGTC staff/security upon request. Priority in all labs is given to support academic-related activities.

  If a class meeting in a lab is not using all available workstations, students may be allowed to use a free workstation upon permission from the instructor in charge of the lab at that time and comply with any restrictions that he/she imposes.  Permission to use free workstations will not be given under any circumstances when the lab is being used for testing or lecture.

  All students are required to sign in on the lab sign in sheets, if available.

  No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the labs.

  Children are not allowed in the labs or libraries.

  Opening, copying, or modifying data or programs of any kind on/from the network is strictly prohibited.

  Students may copy data files assigned by the instructor from the respective network folder only.

 Data files should be saved to USB or other storage devices unless otherwise directed by the lab monitor or instructor.

 All lab users are expected to adhere to norms of common courtesy and behavior standards as stated in the General Code of Behavior section of the catalog.  Physical abuse of the equipment will not be tolerated.

In the event of problems with software or equipment, contact the lab monitor or instructor, who should submit an IT Help Desk request.

  Computers, monitors, and printers should be left on unless otherwise directed by the lab monitor or instructor. 

  Changing the desktop-colors, wallpaper, screensaver, adding/deleting icons, etc. is not allowed unless directed by the instructor.

  Do not print multiple copies of the same document unless directed to do so by an instructor.  Non-academic use of the printers is not permitted.

  Violation or abuse of any policy, equipment, or lab staff will be reported as stated in the General Code of Behavior section of the catalog. Repeat violators will be asked to leave the lab.

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