BannerWeb: Login and PIN Information

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If this is your first entry into BannerWeb, your User ID is your Student ID Number. Your PIN is the two digit month, two digit day, and two last digits of the year of your birthday (MMDDYY). (You will login to accessCGTC using the same ID and PIN. If and when you change your PIN in BannerWeb, it will also be changed in accessCGTC.)

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Logging Into Your Secured Academic and Personal Information

  1. Click on the "BannerWeb" tab which is located at the top of each technology page, then click on the BannerWeb link.
  2. Enter your Student ID Number as your User Identification Number. User ID and PIN
  3. Your PIN is the two digit month, two digit day, followed by the last two numbers of your birth year (MMDDYY).
    For example, if you were born on June 5th, 1980, your PIN will be 060580.
  4. Click the Login button. You may change your PIN when you enter BannerWeb. Please make an effort to remember your PIN. You will be asked for a Security Question and Answer to help you if you forget your PIN. You may change your PIN, Security Question, and Answer anytime after you have logged into BannerWeb.

Forgot PIN?

If you can not remember your PIN number, you may access BannerWeb by answering your Security Question that you provided the first time you entered BannerWeb. Provide your Student ID Number or social security number as your User ID and then click on the button. You will need to provide the correct answer to your security question and then click Submit Answer. You will then be asked to enter a new PIN for future access.

Change Your PIN

Click under the "Personal Information" Menu. Select "Change PIN" to change your PIN to another six-digit number. Select "Change Security Question" to enter a new Security Question and Answer.

To Obtain a New PIN

If you can not remember your PIN number or your PIN becomes disabled, please fill out an online Technical Support Request Form or call technical support at (478) 757-3519. You will be asked for your student ID, date of birth, and answer to your security question, if necessary.

Error Messages

Authorization Failure - Invalid User ID or PIN
Make sure you are using your Student ID Number, without hyphens/dashes, for your User ID.

Make sure you are entering your correct PIN number; your original PIN number is your birthday in 6-digit format (MMDDYY). If your birthdate does not work, your PIN may be the last 6 digits of your social security number if your PIN was created before your birthdate was entered into the Banner system.

Your Birthday may be incorrectly entered into Banner. Check with Admissions/Registrar to make sure your birthday is accurately reflected in Banner.

You may not have a PIN assigned. Please call technical support at (478) 757-3519.

The BannerWeb database goes down nightly for maintenance approximately between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Additional BannerWeb PIN support: Fill out an online Technical Support Request Form or contact Technical Support (478) 757-3519 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Be prepared to provide your Student ID and birthdate.

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