Hemodialysis Patient Care Specialist Program

Instructor working with StudentThe Hemodialysis Patient Care Specialist Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) was developed in partnership with local dialysis facilities to prepare for certification and to meet entry level hiring needs.

The Hemodialysis Patient Care Specialist TCC requires only 2 quarters to complete. The program of study was developed to meet the training requirements of recent state regulations for End Stage Renal Disease facilities (effective December 6, 2001). The program covers comprehensive hemodialysis procedures including:

Career Outlook

The role of the hemodialysis technician has evolved in recent decades. As technology for dialysis has become more sophisticated and patient population increases, the need for specialized technicians will continue to grow. Hemodialysis technicians are now involved in the treatment process from beginning to end including equipment maintenance and patient care. The Hemodialysis Patient Care TCC prepares students for dialysis technician certification as required by legislation introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate. The proram of study equips health care workers with the skills, knowledge, and attitutde necessary to succeed in the field.

Admission Requirements

Financial Assistance

Student working on PatientMost Georgia citizens qualify for the HOPE grants or scholarships. Other financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

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Sonia Wynne
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