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CrisisGeneral Information about Emergency Management:

Emergency Management is a relatively new profession.  It is often confused with Emergency Medical Services, which involves Emergency Medical Technicians’ and Paramedics’ responding to an accident site.  Rather, Emergency Management is the coordinating agency which works closely with all public safety agencies, (such as fire, EMS, and law enforcement) to provide a full, comprehensive response to a wide variety of emergency or disaster situations.

Emergency Management is deeply involved in emergency preparedness to identify needed resources; education to better prepare private citizens to care for themselves; mitigation to attempt to prevent a disaster or lessen its impact when it does occur; and recovery efforts to help individuals and communities return to “normal” following a disaster or emergency.  Emergency Management supports and assists first responders during an emergency or disaster, sometimes serving as an Incident Commander.


Emergency Management Associate Degree Program:

The Emergency Management Associate Degree Program provides broader and more advanced subject matter than the Diploma Program and offers more challenging courses for the student who might want to advance to a higher degree program.  The Associate Degree Program offers a variety of Emergency Management courses, which are intended to introduce, refresh, or enhance a student’s knowledge and performance in this complex and challenging field.
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Emergency Management Diploma Program:

The Emergency Management Diploma Program provides basic college-level core courses, which complement the occupational courses offered in the Emergency Management discipline.  The Emergency Management courses provide a basic introduction to the field of Emergency Management and a variety of specific subject-related courses intended to introduce, refresh, or enhance a student’s knowledge or understanding of this complex and challenging field.
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Public/Private Crisis Manager Technical Certificate of Credit:

This technical certificate (TCC) program provides the necessary courses for any business to explore and assure business continuity planning in the event of a disaster. In addition, it will serve as an introductory program to the growing area of emergency management.

Since 2001, Georgia state law requires public K-12 schools to develop an Emergency Operations Plan.  Other public and private industries (e.g., hospitals, airports, etc.) are required by their licensing agencies to also develop and implement emergency operations plans. 

This certificate is marketed toward employees in private industry to acquaint them with emergency skills and techniques.  Advisory committee feedback indicates an interest in and need for this proposed certificate.  Because this certificate provides additional training for employees in diverse fields to develop an Emergency Operations Plan as required by state law, projected salaries will vary.

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