Department of Public Safety

Safety Tips

Personal safety and protection of your property are everyone's concern. The Department of Public Safety urges all faculty, staff and students to help keep all of our campuses safe. If you observe unusual, suspicious or criminal activity, call the Department of Public Safety so that we may be able to take the necessary action needed to ensure everyone's safety and security at all of our campuses. We need you to do your part, together we can make our daily experiences at Central Georgia Technical College safe and secure for everyone.

Daily Safety and Security Tips

Vehicle safety:

Safety while on campus:

When off campus:

Off-campus crime or incidents will be addressed by the agency or jurisdiction where that crime or incident originally took place. The CGTC Department of Public Safety stays in constant contact with all law enforcement agencies whose jurisdictions surround all of our campuses. We make it a priority to keep an open line of communication and stay alerted to daily bulletins of crimes, critical events and emergencies within those surrounding jurisdictions.

Don't Become a Victim of Crime

All of the campuses here at Central Georgia Technical College are relatively crime free and the Public Safety Department will always be vigilant to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. But unfortunately there is always a chance for criminal activity. Practicing these listed tips on a daily basis could help you avoid becoming a victim of crime while on campus:

On campus:

If you think you are being followed:

Try to avoid being alone in an office or classroom but if not:

Keeping the campus safe:

Parking on campus:

Preventing theft on campus:


Phone Numbers

In an Emergency – 911
Dial 8-911
from any campus phone

Warner Robins – (478) 988-6993
Macon – (478) 757-3453
Milledgeville – (478) 445-2350

Crawford County – (478) 836-6001
Hawkinsville – (478) 783-3017
Jones County – (478) 986-4370
Monroe County – (478) 992-2717
Peach County – (478) 218-3739
Putnam County – (706) 923-5000
Twiggs County – (478) 945-2206