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CGTC Cosmetology Program Opens Newly Renovated Cosmetology Lab

Macon, Ga – The Macon campus of Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) recently experienced a make-over in the program best known for doing just that. Renovations are complete for the Cosmetology lab, and the program celebrated its new look with an open house earlier this week.

During the open house, guests toured the renovated facility, observed Cosmetology students and faculty in their lab environment, and learned about live-work cosmetology services provided to the public.

With the completion of the lab renovation, students and faculty are now eager to continue learning their craft and begin utilizing the space.

“Renovating the outdated lab will keep us current and proud,” said cosmetology instructor, Shalah Scott. “We are in the beauty industry so having an attractive place for our students to learn and grow is a must. It will inspire creativity, pride in their work area, and raise their standards. We want our students to be proud of their school.  We also believe that this will help with retention. This new lab is a site to see.  We want to turn out the best, and in order to do that we must have the proper environment. I am excited to see our numbers grow.”

Closely mimicking the modern appearance of current salons in the industry, the renovated Cosmetology lab will prepare students for their careers after completion of the program at CGTC.

Heaven Trayler, a student in her last year of the program, said she sees this as a both an eye-opening and realistic step closer to being a professional.

“I was actually not really interested in using my cosmetology degree at first, “Trayler said. “But this space has made me see what a real salon is like. It’s a better atmosphere.”

The better atmosphere Trayler speaks of includes twenty-eight fully equipped styling stations, washing and drying chairs, separate rooms designated for spa services, classroom and office space. The renovation also includes a separate waiting room and lobby for clients, and new storage spaces and cabinets to make the space sleeker and easier to clean.

And, of course there is the energy each student is bringing with them to learn.

“There is more confidence and energy,” said Laura Indenden, CGTC Cosmetology student. “For a while we had to share with the Barbering program and now it’s our own space where we can work freely.”

Client services performed by students are offered Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the salon with both appointments and walk-ins accepted. The lab is located in the B-Building of the Macon campus at 3300 Macon Tech Drive.

To schedule an appointment for services call, 478-757-3420. For more information on the Cosmetology program, contact Tarrell Small, Cosmetology instructor at


Students work during the open house for the newly renovated Cosmetology lab on the Macon campus.

Submitted by JoBen Rivera-Thompson
March 13, 2017


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