Stories of Success and Support

Student Perspectives

Living the Dream

Haashim Kelly is an example of a person who is truly living his dream of gaining a GED diploma, acquiring an occupational skill and he is giving back to the community.

Pay It Forward

Instead of using the phrase "giving back," we use the phrase "paying it forward," and Kimberly Robbins did just that at the Adult Learning Center.

Older and Wiser

Having my GED diploma means that so many of the doors that were once closed to me can now be opened!

Reaching My Goal

Attaining a GED diploma is a great accomplishment. When I was asked to write about it, I was overwhelmed with excitement and pride.

Volunteer Perspectives

Students from Around the World

A student faces challenges when he or she returns to school after life has taken them in a different direction.

Better Support Themselves and Their Families

"I want to give my clients the support and encouragement they need to make informed decisions about their future."

I Cared and Was Willing to Serve

"Being a VISTA has allowed me to give back to my community."

I Have Made a Difference

"Being a volunteer for AmeriCorps VISTA has helped me to understand that Community work teaches us that we can take action to solve problems rather than simply worrying about them."

Partner Perspectives

Reading for the Record

Breaking the record for the most children read a single book on the same day.

Career Connections Event at Davis Homes

Residents learned about programs to help gain the skills needed to gain viable employment.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembered

Over 125 volunteers joined the Adult Education Program staff and VISTA members on an MLK Day celebration of service.