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Tips to be Successful in the Online Environment

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Tips for Success

The biggest myth about online learning is that is it "easier" than the traditional classroom environment. Actually, online courses are more difficult, and sometimes more time consuming than regular traditional courses, because the bulk of learning is put more on the student.

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Technical Difficulties

Online students that experience technical problems should first contact their course instructor for assistance. Students may contact Distance Education Technical Support through the Online Course Help Desk.

Interested in taking online classes?

New students should contact Admissions or call 478-988-6800.

Current/returning students should contact their advisor or call 478-988-6800.

Distance Education Staff

Jody Dixon
Distance Education Coordinator
Blackboard Administrator
(478) 757-2507

Carrie Miller
Instructional Design Specialist
(478) 218-3254

Cynthia Rumney
Dean, Distance Education
(478) 476-5158


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