Online Learning FAQs

How can I become an online student at CGTC?

The first step is to be accepted at CGTC.  You can contact the Admissions Office at (478) 988-6850 for details on CGTC's admissions policy. Or you can visit the Admissions Office online. After you are admitted, please speak with an advisor about registering for an online course.

An overview of the complete admissions and registration process is also available.

How do I start my courses?

All online courses are available through Blackboard

Blackboard is a Web-based course management and collaboration portal that enables educators to manage course materials and to communicate with students. Once you enter your username and password, you will go directly to your own course homepage.

The username and password for Blackboard are:

Username: 35_studentID (where studentID is your student ID number)
For example, if your student id is 910123456, your login would be 35_910123456.

Password*: 35_studentID (where studentID is your student ID number)
For example, if your student id is 910123456, your login would be 35_910123456.

*unless you have previously logged in and reset your password

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 1-business day delay after you register for classes before you can login to Blackboard. There is also a 1-business day delay after you add a course to your schedule before you will see the course in Blackboard.

If you do not have access to Blackboard or do not see your courses after 1 business day, please contact your advisor or course instructor. If you still need assistance, please use the Online Course Help Desk.

How do I email my instructor?

Once inside of Blackboard, students can contact their instructor using the Blackboard Messages link. Students who need to contact an instructor outside of Blackboard should use their CGTC email account. If you have trouble accessing your student email, please review the login information, then contact the Help Desk.

How can I receive student services?

Online students are entitled to all student services. Visit the Student Affairs homepage for more information on particular services.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

To take full advantage of the interactivity of the courses, the following setup is recommended:

  • A personal computer with one of the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows OS (XP, Vista, or above); Apple Mac OS X (10.0) or above; or Unix/Linux.
  • An Internet connection 56K or better. DSL or cable recommended.
  • Sound card and speakers   
  •  Additional requirements including: supported browsers, a browser check, media downloads, and recommended software are located on the GVTC Computer Needs site.

Can I use the library online? Is tutoring available?

Please visit the library's home page. Tutoring is available to all CGTC students at the Academic Success Center.

Will I ever have to attend classes on campus?

Some classes will require on campus visits and/or proctored events. Please contact the course instructor or the program chair for additional information.

How can I get to the CGTC Campus?

Directions to the CGTC Campuses, Centers, and Workforce locations are available on the CGTC Campuses and Center page.

How much is tuition at CGTC?

Information on Tuition and Fees is available on our Financial Services -> Tuition and Fees page.

Technical Difficulties

Online students that experience technical problems should first contact their course instructor for assistance. Students may contact Distance Education Technical Support through the Online Course Help Desk.

Interested in taking online classes?

New students should contact Admissions or call 478-988-6800.

Current/returning students should contact their advisor or call 478-988-6800.

Distance Education Staff

Jody Dixon
Distance Education Coordinator
Blackboard Administrator
(478) 757-2507

Carrie Miller
Instructional Design Specialist
(478) 218-3254

Cynthia Rumney
Dean, Distance Education
(478) 476-5158


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